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//Some Words: Far Beyond Breasts

For the past weeks, Madonnas’ breasts have been noticed in many news worldwide. Most part of them are prejudice and stupids. Just a few articles wrote about the beautiful photoshot made to Interview Magazine and not about her breasts. Really? We’re living in the XXI century, guys. It’s so sad to see how the media focus its first attention to the fact of a 56 years old shows her breasts. Madonna has more than 30 years of career and it seems like nobody hasn’t learned anything about her. She is for intelligent people. Her breasts in the photo are for those who don’t see anything further besides breasts. I question if no one hasn’t seen something stronger and with a bigger message in the same picture. Did somebody see the book? I don’t think it’s there for no reason.

When I saw the magazine for the first time in the internet, I really love the vibrant and striking colors, but I didn’t realize what was the message behind the photoshoot. For me, there was something there hidden, it was an uncompleted message. And then, I took more attention in the image above and the book called my attention. I don’t know the reason, if it was the red cover, but I remember I thought: “Why is this book there? What is the intention? Should it really be there or it is just a random element to frame the picture?

The first image was not large enough to read the book title, but when I had the opportunity to see a better image, I found out that it was Cahiers Jean Cocteau 5. I had never heard about him, so, I googled and, for my surprise, what I discovered made me have more certain about the intention of that book in the picture and think it was there for a purpose. Of course, this is my interpretation, only Madonna can say for sure the reason she put that book in the picture, but as a big fan and a curious person, I allowed myself to write my point of view.

But first, let’s know a few things about Jean Cocteau.

He was a French poet, writer, designer, playwright, artist, filmmaker and most important, an innovator and revolutionary. A true representative of Living for Love, owner of a real Rebel Heart. He and his non traditional mind changed the way making theater and poetry, becoming one of the more talented artist of the XX century. A chameleon in the art world and he did all those no hiding his homo(bi)sexuality, writing several articles against homophobia in the beginning of the 1900s. Among his many works, the play The Human Voice caught my attention because I believe it was its story which inspired Madonna and the magazine Interview pictures. It is centered on a single woman, alone on the stage, talking on the phone, about love, loss, joy and pain.

So, returning to my questions, I dare to affirm that Jean Cocteau was the great inspirer to Madonna’s Interview photos, as well as, the play The Human Voice influenced directly the art direction and the book is in that specific image for those who goes deeply in Madonna’s mind and not for those who see the breasts and nothing more. I imagine Madonna telling us: "Maybe, you can think I want to provoke showing my boobs, but you have already seen them before, they are just breasts of a mature woman, don’t pay attention to them, there is something more interesting in this image. It’s a book. Not any book, but of an important writer. Read the biography of this guy who revolutionized and dared to affirm his sexuality and fight against prejudice and did all that in the beginning of XX century. Pay attention in his words and learn. He is a true provocateur. A Rebel Heart".

So, concerning Madonna, remember: "always have something beyond the breasts".

Red Kisses,

Chris, The Red

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